Conference and Mirror via Network

How Can I Collaborate with Others?


The Conference Mode enables multiple users who are physically remote to be together virtually in the same present4D VR-Suite project using internet synchronization. A laser pointer dot with their name underneath shows where each user is looking in the project. Audio can be submitted via voice over IP. Conferencing works for all present4D compatible devices like PC, Mac, Smartphones and tablets, in both VR- and non-VR-Mode!

The Conferencing feature is ideal for guiding others through a VR scene, such as for investigative case reviews, pre-trial hearings, trainings, marketing presentations, virtual company tours, construction site consultations, product presentations, and much more.

Inside the Conference, the Leader is represented with a green symbol and all other attendees, the Followers, have a red laser pointer dot. There are two main commands:

  1. Follow - This is used to bring a participant back to the group if a Follower has lost the others.
  2. Lead - This is used by the Leader to bring all participants back to one Scene. The Lead command can also be used by a Follower to bring all others to his or her position to share what they are viewing.

Using a Conference in Viewer Mode

See chapter Using the Conference

Start a Conference


Preparations for using a Conference

Enable Conference Menu

Prior to using Conference Mode, confirm that the Conference Mode and User Name settings are ready:

  1. Editor Start Mode
  2. Launch the iMenu
  3. Choose the tab Settings
  4. Choose Conference Mode: choose at start See also Conference Mode
  5. Leave Editor Mode
  6. Restart present4D


Save your default Conference User name

In case you join a Conference regularly, your visible name during a Conference can be stored as a preset: Your Name in Conference

Conference Menu Options

The Conference menu will be shown after the launch of present4D. It shows the following options:

Start Tour Alone
Starts the presentation without Conference Mode
Start Conference
Opens a new Conference
Enter Conference
If available, join an existing Conference

Start Conference

If you start a Conference, your device will be the host of this Conference. Other users who have downloaded the same Project to their device can join your Conference after launching the Project.

  1. Do all Preparations for using a Conference
  2. Start present4D
  3. Choose Start Conference
  4. At the next screen you can select other options or launch a Conference directly by selecting the right arrow on the bottom right.

Additional Options:

Select a name for your Conference. This name will be provided via internet connection in the Conference menu at Enter Conference
Protect your Conference with a password. This can be useful when several presentations of the same project take place at the same time over the internet. This does not work with local Conferences.
Enter your name to be displayed during this Conference.

Enter Conference

If another User has started a Conference it will be displayed after launching the Project at your device.

  1. Launch the correct present4D project
  2. Wait in the Conference menu until Enter Conference: my conference appears.
  3. Select Enter Conference: my conference
  4. Changed to the next screen you can launch a Conference directly by selecting the right arrow on the bottom right.


If you can not see the option screen to enter the conference, please inform your Project partner to do all Preparations for using a Conference.

Additional Options:

Enter the password if one is set.
Enter your name to be displayed during this Conference.

Control a Conference


The leader of a Conference can be recognized by the green laser pointer. The leader sees his own laser pointer as a green arrow, in case the Location contains Guided Tour HotSpots. All other participants see themselves as red arrows pointing toward the direction of the leader. This makes finding the leader easy.


All participants but the leader will be known as followers. The red arrow always points toward the leader which makes it easy to find him.

Conference Controls


In a conference every participant can become a leader if necessary.

In non VR mode you will find the Conference controls in the lower right corner.

In VR mode follow these steps to find the Conference controls:

  1. Do the gesture to obtain the iMenu icon. (Look straight forward and move the head downward)
  2. Move your head towards the i but don’t move the cursor onto the i. (You do not want to open the iMenu.)
  3. Left of the i the Conference controls will open.
  4. Settle your cursor onto the word Conference in order to view the options in comfort.

You have the following options:

Use Voice over IP to speak with the other participants of the conference
You will be the leader. All other participants are moved to your viewpoint.
If you lost the leader, your viewpoint will be moved to the leader’s viewpoint.

Toggles the visibility of your laser pointer at you and all participants

  • Lead = m
  • Laser = l

Voice over IP

Use voice over IP to speak with the other participants of the conference.


To achieve a good voice quality we recommend the use of a headset

Start VoIP

  1. Click on the red microphone icon in the Conference Controls
  2. Select the correct audio source in the following dialog
  3. The microphone icon is now displayed in green

Please use a headset for good call quality.

Stop VoIP

  1. Click on the green microphone icon to turn off audio transmission.

Synchronize Slideshows

With Conference Slideshow Sync the leader can open and control the Slideshows for all participants. Video spooling is not yet synchronized.

Conference Slideshow Sync

Mirror a View to a PC or Device

What is “Mirror via Network”?

Mirror the view of a mobile VR headset onto a PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart Phone to enable an audience to observe what is seen in the glasses. The devices can be connected via internet or local network (e.g. using a Wifi Pocket Router in Access Point mode). The observing device will start the conference, so it has to be started first.

1. Start the Observing Device (Desktop or Smart Device)

  1. Editor Start Mode
  2. Launch the iMenu
  3. Choose Tab Settings
  4. Choose Conference Mode: Choose at start or Host Conference.
  5. Choose Mirror via Network: Receive from Leader
  6. Restart present4D
  7. The PC will automatically start the Conference Mode!


  • In this mode, the device cannot be controlled, as it is remote controlled
  • In order to exit the mode temporarily: Crtl + w. No VR glasses must be connected. Otherwise the PC cannot be operated with the mouse.
  • To enable the mode temporarily: While starting a Conference use a Conference name which includes “@@”.
  • You can disable or enable the mode permanently only from the settings tab: Mirror via Network.

See also the settings for Mirror via Network

2. Start Additional Participants on other Devices (View Sending Device)

You can now join the Conference with multiple devices. The receiving device will display the view of the Conference leader “view sending device”.

  1. Restart present4D
  2. Enter Conference


  • It is important to start the receiving device first!
  • If you can not see the option screen to enter the conference, please inform your Project partner to do all Preparations for using a Conference.

See also how to setup the automatic joining of Conferences Conference Mode

Screen Saver - Mirror via Network

If you use the Mirror via Network mode, such as at a trade show, it is possible to display a screensaver movie when the VR headset is not active for a while.


The screensaver will not end if more than two devices are connected to each other.

How to configure a Screensaver

Technical Background

Device independent Conferences

The following devices can participate in a Conference:

  • PC in desktop mode
  • PC with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Windows MR headset
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Oculus Go
  • Cardboard Android in VR mode
  • Cardboard Android without VR headset
  • Cardboard iOS in VR Mode
  • Cardboard iOS without VR headset
  • Mac OSX in non VR mode

Data and Traffic

To be able to start a Conference on multiple devices, you must install present4D onto all participating devices and download the required presentation. During a Conference, only the movement information will be transmitted, as the media data is already present on the device. This makes it possible to participate in a Conference even with a slow internet connection.

Online and Offline

The Conference can be started through the internet or in a local LAN.

Important note about Wifi & LAN & Firewalls

The firewall, anti virus tools or blocked ports can hinder the function of the Conference Mode. Smartphone HotSpots generally work well. Make sure you don’t accidentally use up your available data volume.

See also Network Communication


To use a Conference offline, use a high quality router without internet connection. This can lead to a more stable function during trade fairs or similar events.

Troubleshooting for Conference and Mirror via Network

I can not see the Conference.
After joining a Conference i can not see the Laser Dots
The iMenu is not displayed in Mirror via Network Mode
This is correct, the iMenu is currently not mirrored.
The Quiz is not displayed in Mirror via Network Mode
This is correct, the Quiz is currently not mirrored.

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