Distribute and Share

How to share and distribute Projects

VR-Suite projects are created offline, an unbeatable advantage with the large amounts of data from VR projects. For uncomplicated online distribution we use the Amazon Web Service Server which is one of the most secure solutions in the world. All Projects you have uploaded to the cloud can immediately be downloaded in your VR-Suite Project Portal. To prevent that different target groups or clients can see all Projects, it is possible to purchase additional Project Portals.

For maximum data security, offline transfer via USB cable is also possible if you are working with sensitive data or managing projects with several GB of data volume.

And of course there is optional the possibility to export the Project as HTML 5 to the internet, where almost all functions of the VR-Suite are supported.


How to find the Settings Menu for Distribution

  1. Start Editor Mode
  2. Launch the iMenu
  3. Chose the tab Distribution

See also: Delete a Project from the Cloud

Share via Cloud


  • Currently, presentations with more than 4 GB filesize cannot be uploaded into the cloud.

In one of the upcoming updates, the VR-Suite will be able to update single content files, and a presentation can surpass the 4 GB limit. Currently, the entire presentation will be uploaded in case a media file has been changed.

Initial Upload to the Cloud

How to find the Settings Menu for Distribution

  1. Click on the button Cloud Upload.
  2. Wait until the upload has been completely finished.

To cancel the upload simply close the VR-Suite.

Update of an existing presentation

How to find the Settings Menu for Distribution

  1. Click on the button Cloud Update.
  2. Wait until the upload has been completely finished.

To cancel the upload simply close the VR-Suite.

The VR-Suite detects automatically if a configuration has changed (changed names, moved symbols…) or even if files have been exchanged. Therefore, the upload time can vary.

If you are unable to Upload

  1. Did you enter the Licence Key? Otherwise your will get the message Warning: device is not unlocked.
  2. The name of the Project should only contain letters and numbers. Please don’t use any special characters or spaces.
  3. Make sure, that the entire VR-Suite folder is writable.
  4. Run the VR-Suite as administrator (right click on the VR-Suite, “run as administrator”)

Transfer via USB Cable

How to find the Settings Menu for Distribution

Presentations can be easily transferred to Android and iOS devices via cable:

  1. Click Copy via USB Start and follow the instructions.
  2. Enter the name of the Project Use only regular ascii alphabet letters and numeric characters, no whitespace
  3. Confirm the entry by clicking on the green checkmark
  1. Select if you want to use a Smart Device with VR-Suite App or an Oculus Go respectively prepare a Samsung Smart Phone for GearVR.
  1. Select the operating system of your device.
  2. Wait until the transfer has been completely finished. The preparation of the transfer process may take a few minutes.

Presentations that are not available on the server are marked with a crossed out cloud symbol. In off line mode, this is the case for all presentations.


Restart Device before Transfer

To avoid errors, you should always restart the device (especially Oculus Go) before transferring a project via cable. Otherwise, transfer errors may occur, as the PC may not receive the latest data from the device.

iOS special Notes

On iOS usb file transfer is not supported in the official store release due to limitations by Apple. If you need the file transfer feature please request access to a Test Flight version via email, please include all apple IDs that need access to the feature. The Test Flight release is identical to the Store version, but also supports automatic usb file transfer from pc to iOS devices.

Oculus Go special Notes

Before copying a presentation via cable please restart the device to ensure that windows has the current state of file structure! Otherwise different errors may occur.

These points you have to repeat every time you like to connect the Oculus Go with the VR-Suite:

  1. Restart the HMD.
  2. Connect to your PC.
  3. Accept the connection inside the Oculus Go.

Manage Projects at Project Portal

In the Project Portal you can do the following actions:

  • Download a Project from Cloud
  • Delete a Project from Device
  • Delete a Project from Server
  • Duplicate a Project
  • Change the current Project Portal with a Portal Key xxx-xxx

Video Tutorials

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