With present4D’s “Virtual Reality Suite”, anyone can create stunning VR presentations. Combine many types of media into an immersive, VR environment that enhances any marketing, sales, and trade show presentation. VR-Suite presentations are also an ideal way to create realistic training programs that enable better retention and learning of any subject.

This manual will help you familiarize yourself with how to use the “Virtual Reality Suite” to create your own VR presentations.

Health and Safety Warnings

Some people may feel signs of motion sickness the first few times they try moving through a VR environment. For most people, this effect lessens the more they use VR. To minimize any discomfort, follow these steps:

  • Don’t initially try to use a VR headset when alone. Have a partner there to help you get comfortable with the headset and the controllers.

  • In case you feel uncomfortable, remove the headset immediately.

  • Read the following warnings carefully to reduce the risk of personal damage, discomfort or property damage.

What is VR-Suite?

VR-Suite is a professional, collaborative, online and offline multimedia presentation solution for use with or without VR glasses.

VR-Suite is the easiest way to combine 360° videos, 360° photos and other media into a professional VR presentation. VR-Suite does not create the content. Instead it puts you, the author, in control so you can create an immersive environment from your own contenct that your users can explore and enjoy. VR-Suite has all the tools you need whether you want to create more a compelling sales presentation for trade shows or a lesson to give to students in a classroom.

A VR-Suite presentation can consist of many different Locations that provide the user a complete 360° view. HotSpots are included to let the user move between Locations. The author defines where to place these HotSpots and adds other media that is available to view in each Location, such as photographs, documents, and videos.

While VR-Suite presentations can be viewed on a flat monitor, the compelling nature of the presentation becomes obvious when you use a VR headset. Your users will be amazed at the realism of your VR-Suite presentation and will have fun exploring it. You can even share your VR presentations with remote members of your team and join them in a unique, VR Conference Mode.

See also the Tutorial for Beginners

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What is new in Version 2.5

Please see chapter New in Version 2.5

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Important Things to Know About the Philosophy of present4D VR-Suite

  1. The VR-Suite contains both the player for playing and the editor for editing your projects.

  2. The VR-Suite does not create media content such as 360° videos or 360° photos, but lets you combine existing content to create a structured, interactive VR project.

  3. You can also view VR-Suite projects without a VR headset on a PC, Mac, Tablet or on a Smartphone (iOS-, Android-App)

  4. Easily share your projects with others by uploading them via the Cloud into the Project Portal. A VR-Suite customer can purchase additional Project Portals to share with other end users or target groups.

  5. In Conference Mode, you can view the same VR-Suite presentation with several users at the same time. The project is downloaded by each particpant and runs on their device and the viewing direction of the individual participants is transmitted in real time.

  6. The HTML export module (available separately) is used to export your VR-Suite project to HTML. Link for example of an HTML export of a present4D VR-Suite Project.

  7. We offer two versions of the VR-suite:

    • VR-Suite with installer - This easy-to-use installation program installs the program files onto you computer and creates a deskop icon for launching VR-Suite. This requires Administrator’s Rights on the computer.

    • VR-Suite Portable - The software files and folders are provided as a compressed file (.zip file). The user must uncompress the files into the desired Location and create their own desktop icon.

  8. Content can be added to a project with the built-in editor in VR-Suite. Advanced users may also want to quickly create the structure of a project outside VR-Suite using Windows File Explorer. This requires copying files into a specific folder structure and following strict file naming conventions.

System Requirements

To create a presentation, you need a PC with Windows 10 that conforms to Oculus: Without a headset, a business laptop that is not too old is often strong enough. Please test the trial version before purchasing. Also all newer Apple computers should work fine (without VR Headset.)


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