View Projects and Collaborate

To be successful with the viewer mode of VR-Suite it is important to understand how to open projects, how to interact with the software, how to navigate a project, and how to use Conference Mode.

Enter your Project

  1. Enter a Portal Key to display the projects that are available to view.
  2. Download any of the available projects by clicking on the cloud symbol.
  3. Start a Project via the Play button in the middle of the project preview images.

Windowed or Fullscreen View

You can set up whether you want the Viewer to display as windowed or full screen. See chapter: Screen Mode: Fullscreen or Windowed

Viewing 360° Images with VR-Glass, Mouse or Touchscreen

The VR-Suite works with and without VR-Glasses on a variety of devices, including PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. To navigate the 360° Locations you have different options.

PC & Mac non-VR mode with a mouse
Use your mouse or your Touchpad. Look around by holding down the left-mouse button and moving the mouse.
PC & Mac non-VR with keyboard
Use q to turn left and e to turn right
Mobile Devices
Can be used in Gyroscope Mode or Touch Mode. This can be selected in the Project Portals upper left corner. There you can switch between the modes: VR, Touch, Gyroscope See chapter: Project Portal on Smartphones

Interact with Symbols - VR-click


Interactivity on the computer mainly takes place with the mouse when not in VR mode. The mouse click in VR is performed with a head rotation. In the VR-Suite, a crosshair appears in the center of the screen when you are near by an interactive element. When the crosshairs are placed on a symbol, a circle is formed. If the circle is closed, it corresponds to releasing the mouse button after a click. In this case the VR click.

  • Open Slideshows by looking at an Info button
  • Close Slideshows by looking outside the border of the slideshow
  • Slideshow Video: Set time by looking on the progress bar. Don’t try to pull the circle on the progress bar.

iMenu Navigation

Using the “iMenu” is the most flexible way to navigate between Locations in a project. To open the iMenu in VR Mode:

Launch the iMenu

Launch the iMenu in non-VR mode

Double-click the left-mouse button anywhere in the project.

Launch the iMenu in VR mode

  1. Look straight forward
  2. Move your head downward about 45 degrees until you see the i icon or use a Controller
  3. Click onto the i
  4. Move your head sideways to close

iMenu Functions

VR-Suite contains both a Viewer an Editor Mode. The iMenu has far more commands and interface elements in Editor Mode than it does in the Viewer.

  1. Close Button - = Close the iMenu; In VR mode you can also turn your head away
  2. Branding Logo Area - = This logo can be changed depending on your license type
  3. Light Blue Box - = Current 360° Location
  4. Dark Blue Box - = Current focus of the cursor
  5. Right Arrow - = Switch to a navigation sub folder
  6. Down Arrow - = Switch to next page of Locations
  7. Top Left Arrow - = Switch to a higher navigation folder
  8. Circle Arrow - = Switch to the Location that is currently highlighted in dark blue

Using the Conference

In Conference Mode you can view the same VR-Suite project with several users at the same time (the Project is downloaded and runs on each device, only the viewing direction of the individual participants is shared)

Prepare the Project

If you desire to establish a conference with multiple people, it is important to use the correct settings in the Editor before distributing the project. This ensures that the Start Conference Button is available on the Start Screen of the project.

How to setup a conference: Preparations for using a Conference

Start a Conference

  1. Start your Project
  2. Choose Start Conference in the Start Screen.
  3. Click on the right arrow to proceed or use one of the following options:
Enter the name of the Conference
If you want to protect the Conference you can set a password.
User name
This name is displayed under your Laser Pointer Dot which indicates where you are looking at.

Enter an existing Conference

  1. Start your Project
  2. Choose one of the listed Conferences under the button Start Conference.

If the other user is in the same Wifi, you can choose whether you want to participate locally or over the Internet.

Conference Control Panel


In Conference Mode there is a rectangular Control Panel left to the iMenu Icon.

  1. Look straight forward
  2. Look down until i is displayed
  3. Look to the left on the name “conference” to ensure you do not open the iMenu by accident.

Video Tutorials

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